Linkkitie 2, Sodankylä

Astropolis house

Astropolis house is a versatile Business House, where you will meet local industrial and mining companies. A business space is now available for rent, which is suitable as a flexible base for companies doing contracts in Sodankylä, for example. With us you can take care of office work, hold remote meetings, make and store food, make coffee or even visit the relaxing sauna at the end of a long day. You can also invite your clients to meetings at our high-quality conference facilities. During breaks in coffee, etc., you can have discussions with other business representatives.

In business mode, you have access to:

- five electric desks
- lockers
- two meeting rooms, each with remote meeting equipment
- social space
- two kitchen areas
- sauna
- heating places for the car

The size of the business space is 43 m². You can rent the entire space or even a single desk for as long as you like.

Take contact Tel. 040 525 4292

Basic information

Location Linkkitie 2 , 99600 Sodankylä
Neighborhood Sodankylä, center
Type of property Teollisuus, Varasto, Toimisto


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